Ecopista do Dão – cycle along a scenic abandoned railway line

The “Linha do Dão” was a functioning railway that ran between Santa Comba Dão and Viseu until 1988. Now it has been transformed into a bike and walking path called the Ecopista do Dão. With its 49 km, it is not only the longest Ecopista in Portugal, but probably the most beautiful as well. Quinta Dos Três Rios offers bikes for rent or visitors may rent bicycles at select locations along the Ecopista.
Because this cycle path used to be a railway, there are no steep slopes making it very easy to cycle. The path is paved with coloured asphalt, blue in the county of Santa Comba Dão, green in Tondela and red in Viseu.
The first part of this path passes in front of Quinta da Abelenda and runs along the banks of the river Dão. Every bend in the river is followed by a bend in the Ecopista, with stunning views. Later on, the Ecopista  leaves the river, but the landscape remains very beautiful, with views of mountains and valleys covered with oaks, cork oaks and chestnut trees, but also some vineyards, cultivated land and small villages. In the distance the mountains of the Serra do Caramulo (in the north) and the Serra da Estrela (in the south) are always present.