Day Trips from Quinta dos Tres Rios, Winery with B&B

Viseu as seen from the River

Museu do Parque Arqueológico (Côa Valley)

This day trip will take you 90 minutes to Vila Nova de Foz Côa where you will find ancient rock engravings, Douro wines, and picturesque castles. This tour is recommended for anyone who appreciates history.

The Venice of Portugal, Salt Pans and the Seaside (Aveiro)

A one-hour drive will take you to Aveiro on the Atlantic coast where you can see the barrier lagoon of the Ria de Aveiro and the beautiful beach in Costa Nova. Criss-crossed with canals, Aveiro is nicknamed “The Portuguese Venice”.

Roman Ruins, Oldest University in Europe, and Fado (Coimbra)

Just over an hour from Quinta dos Três Rios day trippers will find the oldest university in Europe in Coimbra, a beautiful walking city where you can also attend a fado performance. Only 10 minutes further you will find the Roman ruins of Conimbriga, among the most extensive ruins outside of Italy.

The Roman Ruins of Conimbriga


Day Trip to Seia and Serra da Estrela

Day Trip 4 – Seia Serra_ 210x297_6_29_2016/     This day trip is recommended for everyone. Minimal walking is necessary. However, there are many opportunities, especially near Manteigas, to find hiking trails in the highest mountains of Portugal, the Serra da Estrela. Great for a picnic lunch, wines and cool bag can be provided.

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